Branion Williams is a fresh approach to the world of legal recruiting.  We are a principled firm, dedicated to applying a concerted team effort to each and every placement of a candidate with an employer.

It is commonplace in the recruiting industry for recruiters to talk about making the right fit, or finding synergies between employer and candidate.  For Branion Williams, it truly is our driving force. Rather than merely paying it lip service, we reflect the concept in our guarantees, our adherence to an international code of ethics and our professional pride and reputation.

Our team method and ability to identify strongly homogeneous matches ensures maximum retention.  Every position needs to be the right move for both sides of the equation.  It is our comprehensive placement process that enables us to fully understand both our clients’ and candidates’ needs.

Our reputation is built one placement at a time.  We succeed by meeting our clients’ expectations and by helping our candidates make the best move for their future careers.

2018-2019 Reader's Choice Award