We can always use a little help when we are overworked and understaffed.  For those moments where you need a dedicated and qualified extra hand, Branion Williams is happy to introduce you to the contract lawyers that we keep in touch with and who would love to make your acquaintance.


Melanie is an experienced contract litigation lawyer with the right set of skills to help your firm with litigation file management for a defined period.  She understands the litigation scene as an analyst, a researcher, a document reviewer, a file manager and most importantly as an advocate.

In her seven years of practice, Melanie has worked with leading litigation boutiques and a large full service law firm.  The repeated use of Melanie’s skills by some of Toronto’s most respected litigators illustrates the high level of professionalism with which she operates.

From quick court appearances to extensive litigation management, Melanie can adapt to whatever role is required from her for a specific file.  She has worked on highly complex and document-intensive matters and knows how to both maintain a strong file flow and analyze and categorize multiple discovery documents.  Research is another area she thrives in and we are happy to provide samples to assist in your decision to engage her services.  And if you are pressed and cannot attend court for a specific matter, Melanie has been on her feet in court for over seven years and would happily assist as your agent.

For more information on the contract lawyers above, please contact us at either 416.572.2459 (Trevor) or 416.572.2403 (Chris).

PLEASE NOTE: Branion Williams does not initiate, manage or otherwise co-ordinate the retention of any of the above-listed contract lawyers.  Specifically, Branion Williams does not engage in the provision of services by temporary workers.  Branion Williams only provides information regarding specific contract lawyers and arranges the introduction of said lawyers to the lawyer or law firm wishing to utilize their services.