Step 1

Search the Branion Williams Job Board and determine specific postings of interest

Prepare and update your application materials, including:

• Curriculum Vitae • Law School Transcripts • Other Post-Secondary transcripts • Deal sheet / Advocacy highlights • General description of book of business (primarily Partners) • Writing Samples • Cover letter

Submit materials to Branion Williams Recruiting

Step 2

• Meet with Branion Williams for a frank, candid and confidential discussion about your career history and aspirations • Frequently update Branion Williams and advise us of steps already taken to avoid duplication • Receive Branion Williams updates on relevant interview opportunities and consent to the disclosure of your information to prospective employers

Step 3

Prepare for interview

• Research prospective employer and interviewers • Have extra copies of your materials available • Prepare questions for the firm and think of likely questions and answers relating to you

The interview

• Dress professionally and appropriately • Arrive early, be confident and demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm • Be prepared to discuss your reasons for moving, but be cautious of making disparaging remarks regarding past or present employers • Avoid initiating in-depth discussions regarding remuneration or compensation and benefit packages

Step 4

• Follow-up with prospective employer, specifically the interviewers, after the interview to thank them for the opportunity to present yourself • Enter into negotiations regarding a job offer, compensation and benefits

Step 5