Branion Williams Recruiting’s Privacy Policy

Branion Williams Recruiting is dedicated to the protection of your privacy and your personal information.  We pride ourselves that our privacy policies both conform to and exceed our obligations under federal and provincial legislation, principally the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”).   Discretion and privacy are, after all the cornerstones of our practice.

Why Do We Collect Your Personal Information

As our business specifically relates to the provision of information about you to a prospective employer, however, it is inherent to using our services that we must collect, use and disclose your personal information (described below) to serve you.  Our privacy policy directly addresses your concerns regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, particularly as they are identified by PIPEDA.   While we are in possession of your personal information, we are responsible for it, as long as it is under our possession and control.  Accordingly, to ensure our compliance with PIPEDA and our own internal policies, we have a designated Privacy Officer, who can be reached at [email protected].  Our Privacy Officer safeguards your personal information, ensures compliance with this policy and privacy legislation; receives and responds to your questions and complaints, if any; and, deals with your requests for access to, or changes to your personal information.

What is Personal Information

The use of the term “Personal information” by this policy and by PIPEDA relates to any information about an identifiable individual, other than their name, business title and business contact information.  The  goal of PIPEDA and privacy protection generally is to prevent the unnecessary dissemination of information that would not otherwise be known about an individual.  In our context, personal information basically includes any information provided to us by you, as well as our notes and assessments made during our discussions and interviews with you.

The Collection, Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

i. Collection

Branion Williams Recruiting collects, uses and discloses various types of personal information concerning our candidates including, but not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, email address, social insurance number, work experience, academic records, salary information and any other information that may be commonly found on a résumé or that may be disclosed by you to us for the purpose of identifying career opportunities by Branion Williams Recruiting.

We may also collect information for our own marketing purposes in order to better serve our Candidates.  Such information will not be sold to a third party, nor would it be disclosed without your prior consent.

ii. Use

Physical, technical and procedural safeguards are in place at Branion Williams Recruiting to protect your personal information.  You are also entitled to access the personal information that we have on file, with reasonable notice.  For further information as to the safeguards in place, or to access your information, please contact our Privacy Officer at [email protected].  Please note, that there may be occasions where complete access to your personal information is not permissible due to legal or regulatory requirements.

Branion Williams Recruiting will only use or disclose your personal information in the delivery of the services it provides on your behalf, for any other reasonable purpose for which you may have provided your express consent or in which your consent may be reasonably implied in the circumstances or as required by law.

iii. Disclosure

Prior to any disclosure of your information to a prospective employer, we will contact you to confirm your consent for us to disclose that information.  It may also be necessary, on occasion, to share your personal information with our third party service providers who assist in the delivery of our services, such as specialized data processing.  Our service suppliers are bound by strict contractual obligations to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your information in a manner that is consistent with this privacy policy. By using our services and providing us with personal information, you consent to our disclosure of your information to these third party service suppliers.


With regard to your consent, it may be expressed or implied.  Express consent may either be in writing (including electronically) or verbally. Your consent may also be implied by your actions (e.g., by providing us with your resume, it will be assumed that you have consented to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes described in this privacy policy).  Consent may also be implied by the continued use our services after you have been notified of a change.

By engaging the services of Branion Williams Recruiting, you consent, however, to the disclosure of your information to any successor corporations of Branion Williams Recruiting, to our lenders (if required) or to any potential acquirer (or their agents) of Branion Williams Recruiting.


The process of finding an appropriate match between our candidates and our employers is a process of indeterminate length.  Accordingly, we retain the information that you provide us on an indefinite basis, unless you specifically request that we remove your information from our database.  With candidate information that is more than seven (7) years old, however, we will contact you prior to any further disclosure of that information.  We attempt to maintain the currency of your information, however, we rely on you to notify us of any updates that may occur regarding your information.  If you no longer wish us to retain your personal information, you may ask us to destroy any such information, or ask for it to be returned to you.  Please contact our Privacy Officer at [email protected] if you wish to do so.  We may also destroy your personal information pursuant to our record retention guidelines.


Our privacy policy is subject to change without notice. Please visit our website at to view the most current version of our policy. Any other questions or concerns can also be directed to our Privacy Officer at [email protected] or:

Privacy Officer
Branion Williams Recruiting
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Phone: 416.572.2403